Mishtel seamlessly integrates Transactional SMS services into its cloud telephony suite, meeting client needs in digital campaigns. These messages facilitate the smooth delivery of crucial information, particularly for time-sensitive updates on user transactions or interactions. Triggered by user actions, Transactional SMS ensure timely and essential communication, typically without promotional content. They are often initiated by specific events such as purchases, service sign-ups, or account notifications, enhancing customer engagement.
Mishtel seamlessly integrates Promotional SMS services into its cloud telephony suite, meeting client needs in digital campaigns. These messages promote products, services, and events, aiming to drive sales and enhance brand awareness. Each message includes a compelling call-to-action, guiding recipients to take meaningful actions. Unlike transactional SMS, which relay specific transactional information, promotional SMS are focused on marketing and generating interest among potential customers.
Short Code
Mishtel seamlessly integrates Short Code SMS services into its cloud telephony suite, meeting client needs in digital campaigns. These specialized, abbreviated phone numbers are used for SMS and MMS messages, typically comprising 5 or 6 digits. They offer a cost-effective method for reaching broad audiences and facilitating interactive communication channels. Short codes serve as a potent tool for businesses to engage with their audience, execute targeted messaging campaigns, and encourage customer interactions within cloud telephony environments.
Long Code
Mishtel seamlessly integrates Long Code SMS services into its cloud telephony suite, meeting client needs in digital campaigns. Long codes utilize standard, full-length phone numbers for SMS messaging and voice calls, resembling regular numbers for person-to-person communication. They offer a reliable and flexible solution, enabling businesses to incorporate SMS messaging and voice calling capabilities effortlessly within their cloud telephony systems, supporting diverse communication workflows and use cases.
Mishtel integrates OTP SMS services into its cloud telephony offerings, addressing client needs in digital campaigns. Our service enhances security by delivering unique authentication codes to users' mobile devices, valid for a short duration. Utilizing OTPs via SMS in cloud-based telephony, Mishtel ensures an additional layer of security for login and verification, providing reassurance to users about their data protection.
Dynamic SMS
Mishtel seamlessly incorporates Dynamic Code SMS services into its cloud telephony suite, meeting client needs in digital campaigns. These codes are customized and flexible, offering adaptable messaging solutions for businesses. They adjust based on specific parameters or user interactions, ensuring personalized communication experiences. Dynamic Code SMS empowers businesses to deliver tailored messages effectively, optimizing engagement and driving results within cloud telephony environments.
International SMS
Mishtel offers International Code SMS services within its cloud telephony suite, addressing client needs in digital campaigns. This messaging service enables effortless communication between users across diverse countries. Leveraging cloud-based telephony services, users can seamlessly send and receive text messages internationally. International SMS functionality allows businesses and individuals to connect with contacts worldwide, extending their reach and facilitating global communication. By utilizing international SMS capabilities, businesses can enhance their global presence, nurture international relationships, and capitalize on opportunities in global markets.
Mishtel integrates Flash SMS services into its cloud telephony suite, meeting client needs in digital campaigns. These messages deliver urgent information directly to recipients' screens without saving to the inbox. Unlike standard SMS, they appear immediately upon receipt, ensuring heightened visibility and urgency. This feature is invaluable for businesses aiming to promptly convey time-sensitive messages to their audience's mobile devices.
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Some FAQ’s

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  • What is Transactional SMS and how is it different from Promotional SMS?
    Transactional SMS are messages sent to customers to facilitate a transaction or provide information related to a transaction, such as order confirmations, account notifications, or appointment reminders. Promotional SMS, on the other hand, are marketing messages sent to promote products, services, or events.
  • What are Long Code and Short Code SMS and how are they used?
    Long Code SMS utilize a standard phone number for sending and receiving text messages, making them suitable for two-way communication such as customer support or surveys. Short Code SMS, on the other hand, use a shorter, easy-to-remember number for mass messaging campaigns, such as voting or promotions.
  • How is the performance of SMS campaigns measured?
    The performance of SMS campaigns can be measured using metrics such as delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate. Cloud telephony platforms often provide analytics and reporting tools to track and analyze the effectiveness of SMS campaigns.
  • What technical data should I consider when using SMS Service in Cloud Telephony?
    When using SMS service in cloud telephony, consider technical data such as API integration capabilities, message throughput, message delivery speed, message formatting options (e.g., Unicode support for multilingual messages), and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and TCPA. These factors can impact the reliability, scalability, and effectiveness of your SMS communication strategy.
  • How does Mishtel support customers with onboarding and problem-solving?
    Mishtel provides dedicated customer support to assist with onboarding, configuration, and troubleshooting. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, Mishtel's support team is available to address any issues or queries promptly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers.
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