Mishtel is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the data it receives. Keeping this as a top priority, Mishtel ensures proper management and use of personal data, also known as personal data, PII, or simply, “PI” collected online. We always consider your privacy as of significance to us. The use of "cookies" and related content helps us in recognizing you and your device, and facilitating the operation of the website, improving your browsing experience, and performing advertising and analysis. Some cookies are optional and are activated only with your consent. You have the option to accept all optional cookies at once or to manage your settings separately using the "manage options" link. Detailed information about such practices is clearly mentioned in our privacy statement. In addition to outlining each person's rights regarding their personal information, this statement describes how Mishtel gathers, utilizes, and discloses personal data online. This statement outlines the rights that each individual have with respect to their personal information and explains how Mishtel collects, uses, and discloses personal information online. Mishtel Services Private Limited has authority over the functioning of this website. The terms "MSPL," "we," or "us" refer to the privately owned corporation "Mishtel Services Private Limited" throughout this statement.
privacy policy

How are personal data collected?

Direct Acquisition: Through a variety of methods, such as the exchange of business cards, the completion of online forms, the registration for webinars, the attendance at meetings or events that are hosted, office visits, or recruitment efforts, personal data is directly acquired from individuals. Furthermore, personal information might also be obtained directly through our hosted software programs, professional services provided through contractual agreements, or the beginning of a business partnership.
Acquisition of Personal Information Through Indirect Sources: We obtain personal information indirectly from a variety of sources, such as employment agencies, past clients, news articles, public records, government intelligence, social and business networking sites, and companies that hire us for consulting services.

Types of Personal Information Gathered:

In accordance with this Privacy Statement, we may collect the following kinds of personal data through direct contacts, customer engagements, application submissions, supplier interactions, and other pertinent circumstances:

Contact Details : Name, Company, Affiliation, Job, Phone Number (Work and Mobile), Email Address (Work and Personal), and Postal Address.
Professional Details: Employment History, Education History, Professional Memberships, and Published Works.
Sensitive Personal Data: We generally avoid collecting personal data that is sensitive. However, under certain circumstances, we may. For example, we may collect personal identification documents that reveal race, religion or ethnic origin. We may also collect criminal convictions information, diversity information voluntarily shared by applicants, health information necessary for workplace safety, and location-based data.
Our Location-Based Data: We may process geographical locations of devices for service-related purposes and to enhance location-based products and services.
Rationale Behind Data Collection: We collect and use personal data transparently for various purposes, including but not limited to providing professional advice, advertising our services, managing event invitations, personalizing communications, ensuring system security and complying with legal and regulatory obligations. .
Sharing Personal Data: We may occasionally share personal information with trusted third parties to improve service delivery. These entities are contractually obligated to comply with data protection standards.

Cookie Usage:

On our online platforms, cookies are used for a variety of purposes and to improve user experience. Through browser settings, users can choose whether to accept cookies; however, refusing to accept cookies may restrict the functioning of the website.
In conclusion, Mishtel ensures accountability, openness, and compliance with legal requirements while operating with a strong commitment to privacy and data protection.