Mishtel is a technology-driven company providing Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions that allow organizations to add real-time voice, messaging, and video into existing enterprise applications. We provide solutions as per the client’s requirements through the mixing of our products and services. Our main services include cloud telephony-based communication services like SMS, OBD, WhatsApp API, and IVR solutions. For messaging services, we provide DLT Registration, Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, OTP SMS, Flash SMS, etc, and for Voice Platforms, we provide outbound Voice Call, OTP Voice Call (predicated as per Project), Playback IVR, Missed Call Services, Toll-Free Services, IVR Solutions, etc. Our approach revolves around delivering bespoke solutions aligned with the specific requirements of our clients. This is achieved through a synergistic blend of our products and services, catering to corporate and political entities across India. And our promise for the best among best is reflected in its quality, innovative product range, team, service, fulfilment, and inherent drive to do their best for their client.
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Our vision is to create a competitive environment in digital marketing services with cutting edge technology, easy to use business platform with reliable communication medium for mutual benefits.
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We aim to cater to our valued customers with our consistent and innovative approach in leveraging business to achieve sustained and scalable growth trajectory.
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